Chillventa, Nuremberg, Germany

Exhibition time: From October 8th to October 10th, 2024, Opening time: 09:00-18:00
Exhibition industry: HVAC, refrigeration
Organizer: Messe Nuremberg, Germany
Exhibition venue:
Nuremberg-messezentrum 1, 90471 Nurnberg, Germany

Holding cycle: every two years Exhibition area: 38,000 square meters Number of exhibitors: 1,000 Number of visitors: 40,000 people

Exhibition introduction
Chillventa 2024 Germany Nuremberg Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Ventilation Exhibition (Chillventa), exhibition time: October 08, 2024 ~ October 10, 2024, exhibition venue: Germany – Nuremberg-Messezentrum 1, 90471 Nurnberg, Germany – Nuremberg Exhibition Center, organizers: Germany Nuremberg Exhibition company, holding cycle: every two years, exhibition area: 38,000 square meters, visitors: 40,000 people, the number of exhibitors and exhibitors brands reached 1,000.
Chillventa is one of the most important exhibitions in the refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation industry in the world. The exhibition is organized by NurnbergMesse GmbH and is held every two years.

Range of exhibits
Air conditioning refrigeration accessories: copper pipe, refrigerant, control equipment, compressor, air purifier, etc

Heating engineering: heating equipment, heating equipment, heating equipment, solar energy technology, fuel oil equipment, gas equipment, heat energy circulation and utilization, air heater, etc

Heat pump: all kinds of heat pump units and technology and products

Others: refrigeration, heat insulation, air conditioning ventilation, heat pump, instrument and control, automatic refrigeration accessories, packaging cooling devices individual products (air conditioning, etc.) Cold chain, low temperature transportation system related products and services

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