Current Status of Refrigerant Use in Europe: Key Role of Pressure Switches

Background introduction:
Refrigerant plays a crucial role in cooling systems such as air conditioning and refrigerators. In recent years, the European Union (EU) has introduced a series of regulations aimed at reducing the impact of refrigerants on the environment. Let’s delve deeper into this situation and explore the connection between refrigerant and pressure switch.
EU regulations and refrigerants:
F-Gas regulations:
In 2015, the European Union introduced the F-Gas Regulation (EU) No 517/2014), aimed at significantly reducing emissions of fluorinated greenhouse gases (F-Gases) by 2030. These gases include hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), which have high global warming potential (GWP) values and have a negative impact on climate change. This regulation sets strict restrictions on its use and encourages the adoption of more environmentally friendly alternatives.
Refrigerant alternatives:
In order to comply with F-Gas regulations, manufacturers have been searching for more environmentally friendly alternative refrigerants. Now, over 90% of new equipment uses hydrocarbon refrigerants with low GWP values. However, due to the varying thermodynamic and safety requirements of different applications, finding a suitable alternative for all situations remains challenging.
Pressure switch and refrigerant:
The pressure switch is a crucial component in the cooling system. They monitor pressure levels to ensure safe operation of the system. In cases involving refrigerants, pressure switches are crucial for maintaining system efficiency and preventing damage.
ANW1955 pressure switch: designed specifically for refrigeration systems to ensure optimal refrigerant performance. These switches have precise pressure control functions that can maintain stable system operation.
ANW1958 pressure switch: Known for its reliability and accuracy, it helps maintain safe operating conditions of the cooling system. These switches can monitor pressure levels and trigger corresponding operations when needed to ensure the normal operation of the system.
ANW1956 pressure switch: suitable for various refrigeration systems and able to quickly respond to pressure changes. These switches have the characteristics of high sensitivity and quick response, which can adjust the operating status of the system in a timely manner.
ANW9715 pressure switch: stable performance and long service life. These switches have been carefully designed and tested, demonstrating excellent durability and reliability, and can maintain excellent performance over long-term use.
Anwoll, as a brand focused on pressure switches, plays an important role in refrigeration systems. Their product line includes multiple models, suitable for different refrigeration systems, and provides precise pressure control and reliable safety protection. Anwoll’s pressure switch has the characteristics of high sensitivity, fast response, and stable performance, providing critical support for the operation of the cooling system. Anwoll’s pressure switch ensures efficient operation and safety performance of refrigeration systems, whether in household or commercial applications.

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