Egypt HVAC, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Ventilation Exhibition 2024

  • Exhibition time: May 13 ~ May 15, 2024
  • Venue: Egypt – Cairo -El-Moshir Tantawy Axis, Al Hay Al Asher, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate 4440301 Egypt – Egypt International Exhibition Center
  • Organizer: EIN Trade & International Expo Company, Cairo, Egypt
  • Holding cycle: once a year
  • Holding cycle: once a year
  • Exhibition area: 15,000 square meters
  • Visitors: 15,000 people
  • The number of exhibitors and exhibitors brands reached 287

Egypt is an open market economy with relatively sound industrial, agricultural and service systems. Services account for about 50 percent of gross domestic product. The industry is mainly light industry such as textile and food processing. The rural population accounts for 55% of the total population, and agriculture accounts for 14% of GDP. Oil and gas, travel, remittances and the Suez Canal are the top four sources of foreign exchange earnings.

With the successful election of Egypt’s new president Sisi, the confusion of Egypt’s domestic unrest for many years has also stabilized, and the vast majority of people who have experienced the unrest are looking forward to a stable and stable life. There are many things waiting to be done in Egypt, and the new government has drawn up a long-term economic take-off plan for the development of the Egyptian economy.

With the continuous improvement of Egypt’s infrastructure such as roads, communications and power supply, it is expected that foreign investors will have a lot to do in Egypt. Strengthening the determination of investors and encouraging foreign investors to invest in Egypt is a major operational policy of the Egyptian government. In recent years, the Egyptian government has intensified its efforts in administrative reform, improved the investment environment, and formulated a series of preferential policies involving foreign direct investment. At the same time, Egypt has a diversified economy, vibrant agriculture, mining and manufacturing prospects are bright, and the tourism industry is proud of the world with its unique natural endowments.

Egypt Cairo HVAC Refrigeration Exhibition HVAC-R (Egypt HVAC Exhibition, Cairo HVAC Exhibition, Africa HVAC Exhibition,HVAC-R) in North Africa, and even the Middle East professional building materials, municipal equipment, natural stone and other aspects of the exhibition, The exhibition was organized by Pyramids Group, the largest exhibition company in the Middle East and North Africa with 13 years of exhibition experience. The exhibition was held for the first time in 2014, and is currently the only architectural exhibition in Egypt. The exhibition has naturally become the best platform for professional buyers and sellers in the field of Egyptian architecture to negotiate deals.

Range of exhibits
Hvac: heating system equipment, refrigeration system and accessories, air conditioning system and equipment, pipe distribution system and accessories, bathroom equipment, ventilation, central air conditioning cleaning technology and pipeline cleaning equipment

Kitchen and bathroom equipment: kitchen utensils, sanitary ware, water and gas supply facilities, recreation and leisure equipment, etc

Refrigeration and ventilation: Refrigeration: refrigeration systems and equipment in the fields of buildings, factories and transportation, refrigerants, refrigerated cabinets (boxes) and refrigeration equipment, professional tools for the installation and maintenance of refrigeration equipment, refrigerant and liquid recovery equipment, refrigeration consumables; Air conditioning: indoor air conditioning systems and equipment, air conditioners (distributed and central air conditioning equipment), VRF systems, building refrigeration and heating systems, heat pump technology and equipment; Ventilation: air supply, air distribution and air treatment systems and equipment, central ventilation system and waste heat and waste water reuse technology, air humidification system, air filtration and purification system, hair dryer technology and equipment; Pump valves Related products: pump valves

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