International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR): Advancing Refrigeration Knowledge Globally

The International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR), also known as Institut International du Froid (IIF) in French, is an independent intergovernmental organization committed to promoting refrigeration knowledge, related technologies, and applications worldwide. Established in 1908, the IIR has become a hub for scientific and technical expertise across various sectors of refrigeration .

Mission and Focus
The IIR’s mission revolves around gathering and disseminating scientific and technical information related to refrigeration. Its goal is to enhance lives through cost-effective and environmentally sustainable refrigeration solutions. Key areas of focus include:

Knowledge Dissemination: The IIR collects and shares valuable insights through publications, events, and databases. Researchers, practitioners, and policymakers benefit from this wealth of information.

Sustainable Development: By placing refrigeration expertise at the core of sustainable development goals, the IIR contributes to global efforts in emission reduction and energy efficiency.

Notable Initiatives
FRIDOC Database: The IIR maintains the comprehensive FRIDOC database, which houses thousands of scientific documents related to refrigeration. Researchers can access this repository for valuable insights.

Technical Guides and Reports: The IIR publishes technical guides and reports on various refrigeration topics. Recent examples include:

WALK-IN COLD ROOMS: A practical guide for designing and operating walk-in cold rooms in challenging conditions.
Three Degrees Of Change: Assessing the impact of adjusting frozen food set points.
Use of Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning.
Global Cooling Pledge: The IIR actively supports the United Nations Environment Programme’s initiative to reduce cooling-related emissions by 68% by 2050.

ANW1955 and ANW1958 Refrigeration Pressure Switches
Now, let’s briefly introduce two essential components from the Anwoll brand:

ANW1955 Pressure Switch:

This pressure switch is commonly used in refrigeration systems to regulate compressor pressure for gas, water, oil, and refrigerant control.
ANW1958 Pressure Switch:

Similar to the ANW1955, the ANW1958 series dual pressure control switch plays a crucial role in refrigeration systems.
These pressure switches ensure efficient and safe operation in refrigeration applications. Remember, precision matters when it comes to maintaining optimal pressures in cooling systems!

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