Italy Milan HVAC Refrigeration and Smart home and bathroom exhibition MCE

Exhibition time: March 12 to March 15, 2024 Opening time: 09:00-18:00
Exhibition industry: HVAC, refrigeration, smart home kitchen, bathroom
Organizer: Reed Exhibitions Group
Venue: Milan, Italy – Strada Statale Sempione, 28, 20017 Rho MI, Italy – Milan International Exhibition Center
Duration: Every two years Exhibition area: 350,000 square meters Number of exhibitors: 2018 Number of visitors: 155,332 people

Exhibition introduction
Hvac, Cooling and Smart Home & Sanitary Ware Exhibition (MCE) in Milan, Italy 2024, exhibition time: March 12 to March 15, 2024, exhibition venue: Italy – Milan -Strada Statale Sempione, 28, 20017 Rho MI, Italy – Milan International Exhibition Center, Organizer: Reed Exhibitions Group, held every two years, exhibition area: 350,000 square meters, visitors: 155,332 people, the number of exhibitors and exhibitors brands reached 2018. The Italian Milan HVAC Refrigeration and Smart Home and Bathroom exhibition MCE was founded in 1960, every two years, and the Frankfurt bathroom Exhibition (ISH) echoes, is one of the world’s most famous exhibitions in the industry. Over the years, MCE has always maintained a rich and distinct theme, heating, energy, cooling and other main content has been renewed.
The exhibition includes well-known enterprises in the HVAC and refrigeration industry around the world. Statistics show that MCE visitors mainly come from the fields of installation design, system engineering, architectural decoration, wholesale and retail, mass distribution and import and export, and have a high degree of decision-making power and purchasing power. 90% of professional visitors think that the exhibition is particularly important to them. The proportion of visitors who can make a purchase decision through the exhibition is as high as 75%. Many viewers said that they are willing to complete the procurement plan through MCE, which saves a lot of procurement time and cost, and can grasp the latest trend products and technologies in the industry relatively easily. Relative to the reflection of audience satisfaction, the procurement ratio of nearly 80% is full of extreme temptation for exhibitors.
MCE thematic exhibition areas strive to promote a variety of new products, new technologies and advanced service projects, exhibitors can in the exhibition with domestic and foreign counterparts for zero-distance contact, with exhibitors, installation technicians, sellers, manufacturers, engineering designers, architects and designers to establish a wide range of contacts.

Product range
Heating: heating equipment, spare parts, tools-appliances
Refrigeration: air conditioning, ventilation, commercial and industrial refrigeration
Energy: photoelectric – solar – thermal power, bioenergy – symbiotic energy, insulation materials, etc
Bathroom: sanitary ceramic sanitary ware, bathroom kitchen equipment (including bath cabinet, bath mirror, etc.), hardware plumbing, water treatment system and other related equipment
Hardware: All kinds of pumps, valves, connectors, pipe fittings, fasteners, pipe devices and related tools, seals, etc
Smart home and community management systems: sliding and manual doors, smart parking, housing and telecommunications systems, internal and external automation equipment, lighting and shading systems, security systems, television, hi-fi and video equipment, measuring and testing equipment, inspection technology
Building automation Systems and products: use-specific building automation, building automation systems, power distribution, energy metering and accounting, fire alarm equipment, lighting equipment, shading equipment, security equipment, data communication system components, automatic doors and doors

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