ANW01B Differential Pressure Gauge


The ANW01B series is widely used to measure the pressure of the fan or blower, filter resistance, wind speed, furnace pressure, orifice differential pressure, bubble level and hydraulic system pressure. It is also suitable for regulating air-to-gas combustion ratios and automatic valves in medical devices or for detecting respiration, blood pressure. There are many more applications, such as microelectronics, aerospace, environmental engineering, bioengineering, smart buildings, HVAC, food and beverage, and precision electronic processing, among others.



◆ No inertia, no drift

No lag
◆ Positive pressure, negative pressure or differential pressure can be measured

◆ There are two pressure ports on the side and back, there are three installation methods, and the application is flexible and diverse

Basic Information

medium Air and non-flammable gases
Pressure range 0…10KPa
Overvoltage protection 110kPa… The 150kPa rubber stopper is automatically ejected
Process connections 1/8NPT female threaded high and low pressure (positive and negative) connection, side and back pair, other sizes available upon request
Temperature Ambient temperature: -7… 60°C[19.4…140°F]
Protection standards IP66 degree of protection
accuracy 21°C[69.8°F](>60 Pa,3%; <60Pa,4%)

Dimensions (mm [in]


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ANW01B Differential Pressure Gauge