ANW101G CO Sensor

ANW101G series Carbon Monoxide Transmitters use electrochemical principles to detect carbon monoxidein the air ,with good selectivity and stability Carbon Monoxide and Oxygen undergo redox reaction on the working electrode and the counter electrode, releasing charges to form current. The concentration of Carbon Monoxide can be determined by measuring the volume of the current. It applicable for precision gas measurement and control in indoor air quality , air conditioner ,air purifier, underground parking lots andother occasions.

Basic parameters

Output Mode See logo
Measure concentration See logo
Accuracy ±5%Fs@25°C
Minimum reading 0.1 ppm / 1ppm
Working temperature -10…50°C
Working humidity 15…90%RH(No condensation)
Working pressure latm±10%
Storage temperature 10…30°C
Working Voltage 10…30VDC(0…10V output requires 16…30VDC power supply)

Dimensions in mm [in]


500ppm, 1000ppm


0-5V(3-wired), 0-10V(3-wired), 4-20mA( 2-wired), RS-485(4-wired)

ANW101G CO Sensor