ANW10S Air Velocity Transmitter

The ANW10S wind velocity transmitter is based on the principle of heat conduction. The sensor probe of the wind speed transmitter is made of MEMS technology.

It has the characteristics of high measurement accuracy, large measurement range, good stability and strong environmental adaptability, etc. It is an ideal choice for wind speed measurement in HVAC,

pipeline air volume measurement process and environmental control applications.

Basic parameters

Working voltage 24VAC/DC+20%
Range 0-10m/s,0-15m/s,0-20m/s,-30m/s optional
Accuracy ±(0.2m/s+3%ofmv)(20℃,45%RH and 1013hPa
Resolution 0.01m/s
Output mode RS485/Modbus,0…10VDC/4…20mA(3-wire)optional
Output load <500Q(Current mode),≥2KΩ(Voltage type)
Working temperaturc -10…60°C
Storage temperature -20…80°C
Probe length 210mm(optional)
Display Optional LCD display with unit display and back light
Protection Ip65,IP20(Probe)
Sheathing matenial PC,PA6(Probe)
Electromagnetic Compatibili EN 61326-1

Dimensions in mm [in]


VI=0~10VDC/4~20mA, RS=RS485/Modbus

Installation method

1=Duct Type Air Velocity Transmitter, 2=Split Type Wind Speed Transmitter

ANW10S Air Velocity Transmitter