ANW1955 Refrigeration Pressure Switch

For refrigeration systems


As a high-performance refrigeration pressure switch under the Anwoll brand, ANW1955 is designed to monitor and detect demanding refrigeration environments, used to control the start and stop of compressors and fans in refrigeration systems. It can also be used in water pumps, firefighting, boilers, hydraulic and other devices.

  Suitable for refrigeration systems

  Manual and automatic reset functions

  Adjustable pressure and differential pressure

Basic information

ModeANW1955 Refrigeration Pressure Switch 
Process connectionG1/4 male,1/4SAE male.The threads can be customized
Range/DIFF.-0.5~2bar/0.2…0.7bar, -0.5~3bar/0.35…1.5bar, -0.5~6bar/0.6…4bar, 0.2~7.5bar/0.7…4bar, 1~10bar/1…3bar, 2~14bar/1…4bar, 3~16bar/1…4bar, 5~20bar/2…5bar, 8~30bar /3…10bar, 8~32bar/2..6bar, 8~42bar/4…10bar
Cable diameter6-14mm
Tests / AdmissionsUL 508 (the Standard for Safety For Industrial Control Equipment)

Product Features

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High precision

In the refrigeration system, control the start and stop of the compressor and fan to ensure the safe operation of the equipment. Paired with overall protection, not affected by dust, water vapor, or chemicals.

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Stability - Reliability

Even in harsh conditions or locations, the high-quality and excellent stability of the ANW1955 refrigeration pressure switch can achieve precise and reliable control of the refrigeration system.

Multiple authentication

The ANW1955 refrigeration pressure switch product has been individually adjusted and has passed UL508 certification, guaranteeing its efficient performance and high-quality standards.


Multiple refrigeration equipment and frozen items are stored on the ground, which means that this is a cold storage
The ANW1955 refrigeration pressure switch plays an important role in cold storage and refrigeration equipment, used to monitor and control the operation of refrigeration systems to ensure that temperature and humidity are maintained within the ideal range.
Multiple compressors and pipes representing industrial production
The participation of refrigeration pressure switches is indispensable in industry. For example, in industrial fields such as chemical plants, food processing plants, and pharmaceutical plants, ANWOLL’s ANW1955 refrigeration pressure switch is monitoring and controlling the operation of large refrigeration equipment.
Several large white commercial air conditioning units outside
Stable operation has always been our primary consideration in air conditioning systems, and there is no need to worry about the stability of indoor temperature. The ANW1955 refrigeration pressure switch will control the operation of the refrigeration cycle by monitoring the pressure of the refrigeration system.
A pile of ice, representing a freezer
An important condition for maintaining the safety of critical equipment. Choosing a reliable Anwoll refrigeration pressure switch is a favorable condition for a healthy and safe space. The ANW1955 refrigeration pressure switch will become the guardian of your safe and healthy indoor environment.

-0.5~2bar/0.2…0.7bar, -0.5~3bar/0.35…1.5bar, -0.5~6bar/0.6…4bar, 0.2~7.5bar/0.7…4bar, 1~10bar/1…3bar, 2~14bar/1…4bar, 3~16bar/1…4bar, 5~20bar/2…5bar, 8~30bar /3…10bar, 8~32bar/2..6bar, 8~42bar/4…10bar


1/4SAE male, G1/4 male, NPT1/4 male, R1/4 male, G1/4 female, NPT1/4 female, R1/4 female, M12*1.25 male

ANW1955 Refrigeration Pressure Switch