ANW1955T Thermostat

ANW1955T temperature control switch which mainly controls the temperature control ofthe greenhouse.

◆Detect the temperature change of the medium and perform the switching action
◆Automatic reset function
◆The action temperature and differential is adjustable

Basic information

Temperature bulb φ2.5 Capillary,the minimum length of capillary and controlled environment is 0.25m(customizable)
Tests / Admissions UL 508 (the Standard for Safety For lndustrial Control Equipment)

Electrical overview

Switching load FL8A/LR48A at 240VACFL16A/LR96A at 120VAC
Dielectric strength 2000V/one minute without breakdown

Operating conditions

Medium Mainly the greenhouse air
Temperature Medium:-40…+120°C[-40…248℉] Ambient:-25…+65℃[-13…149℉]
Protection standard P30

Installantion arrangement

Installation torque 2M
Recommendation (Factory set) Vertica

Contact version(SPDT)



Dimensions in mm [in]




TEMP. Range:-30…15℃;DIFF TEMP.:2…10℃;Factory Set:-7/-9℃, TEMP. Range:-5…30℃;DIFF TEMP.:2…12℃;Factory Set:10/7℃

ANW1955T Thermostat