ANW1956 Boiler pressure switch

ANW1956 series pressure switches are mainly used to control pressure of boiler or water tower regulating system. When the system pressure exceed the setting point,the switch will cut off the circuit for protection. With SPDT contact arrangement, ANW1956 switch can detect the pressure change and shift the internal status accordingly to control the on/off of external circuits, which is available for the pressure control,limit and alarm of non-hazardous liquid, gas and steam.

◆Suitable for controlling the pressure regulation of  boilers and water towers

◆Manual and automatic reset functions
◆Adjustable pressure and differential pressure

Basic information

Pressure range 15…100-2070kPa(2…15-300psi)
Process connection NPT1/4,G1/4,R1/4 The threads can be customized
Cable diameter 22mm
Mechanical lifespan (switching cycles) 50,000
Electrical lifespan (switching cycles) 30,000

Electrical overview

Switching load FL5.1A/LR30.6A at 240VAC             FL8A/LR48A at 120VAC
Dielectric strength 2000V/one minute without breakdown

Operating conditions

Medium Air,water,oil,steam,liquid and other non-corrosive media.chlorinecontaining liquid is not available
Temperature Medium:-40…+180℃[-40…365℉]   Ambient:-29…+66℃[-20.2…150.8℉]
Pressure Diaphragm Stainless steel,corrugated tube
Thermal Material Brass

Installantion arrangement

Installation torque 2NM
Recommendation (Factory set) Vertical, pressure connections facing downwards

Contact version(SPDT)

Dimensions in mm [in]


Press. Range:15…100kPa;DIFF.:15…40kPa;MAX.:170kPa, Press. Range:35…350kPa;DIFF.:40…100kPa;MAX.:590kPa, Press. Range:70…1035kPa;DIFF.:70…150kPa;MAX.:1550kPa, Press. Range:140…2070kPa;DIFF.:140…345kPa;MAX.:2410kPa

ANW1956 Boiler pressure switch