ANW1958 Refrigeration Pressure Switch

For refrigeration systems

ANW1958 pressure switch is an automatic control device that receives pressure signals and actuates. It is usually used to control the startand stop of compressors and fans in refrigeration systems. lt can also be used in water pumps, fire protection, boilers,hydraulics, ironing and other devices as a safety protection.

Suitable for refrigeration systems
Manual and automatic reset functions
Adjustable pressure and differential pressure
Design of Double Head Pressure Switch

Basic information

ModeANW1958 Refrigeration Pressure Switch 
Process connectionG1/4 male,1/4SAE male.The threads can be customized
Range/DIFF.Low-Pressure Side:-0.2~7.5bar/0.7…04bar, 2~12bar/1…5bar,
High-Pressure Side:8~32bar/fixed4bar,8~45bar/fixed7bar
Cable diameter6-14mm
Tests / AdmissionsUL 508 (the Standard for Safety For Industrial Control Equipment)

Product Features

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High precision

To ensure the secure operation of equipment in the refrigeration system, the compressor and fan are controlled to start and stop as needed. This control mechanism is accompanied by comprehensive protection measures, unaffected by factors such as dust, water vapor, or chemicals.

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Stability - Reliability

The ANW1958 refrigeration pressure switch exhibits remarkable precision and dependability in regulating the refrigeration system, even under challenging environmental circumstances or in remote areas.

Multiple authentication

With meticulous individual calibration and the prestigious UL508 certification, the ANW1958 refrigeration pressure switch assures exceptional efficiency and upholds stringent quality benchmarks.


Within cold storage and refrigeration equipment, the ANW1958 refrigeration pressure switch assumes a vital function by overseeing and regulating the performance of refrigeration systems, thereby upholding optimal temperature and humidity levels.
ANWOLL’s ANW1958 refrigeration pressure switch assumes a crucial role in various industrial sectors, including chemical plants, food processing plants, and pharmaceutical plants. It diligently oversees and regulates the operation of expansive refrigeration equipment, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.
With the ANW1958 refrigeration pressure switch, we prioritize stable operation and eliminate concerns about indoor temperature stability. This device effectively monitors and controls the refrigeration system’s pressure, ensuring optimal performance.
Selecting a dependable Anwoll refrigeration pressure switch is a crucial prerequisite for safeguarding critical equipment. It serves as a favorable factor in maintaining a secure and healthy environment. The ANW1958 refrigeration pressure switch acts as a vigilant protector, ensuring the safety and well-being of your indoor space.

L:-0.2…7.5bar,DIFF:0.7…4bar,MAX.17bar;H:8…32bar,DIFF:FIX:4bar,,MAX:35bar, L:2…12bar,DIFF:1…5bar,MAX.17bar;H:8…45bar,DIFF:FIX:7bar,,MAX:48bar

Reset Mode

None=Automatic reset, HM=High-pressure manual reset, HLM=High and low-pressure manual reset

Interface Type

A=1/4SAE male, B=G1/4 male, H=M12*1.25 male, I=Welded copper pipe

ANW1958 Refrigeration Pressure Switch