ANW195D Refrigeration Pressure Switch

The ANW195D differential pressure switch is a protective device for refrigeration compressors or pressure lubrication of other mechanical. In the refrigeration system, the switch receives the two pressure signals of the discharge pressure of the lubricating oil pump and the suction pressure of the compressor, and maintains a certain range of difference between these two pressures, and when the difference is smaller than the set value, the switch will actuate immediatel y to automati cal l y cut off the compressor circuit and stop the compressor,thus protecting the compressor.

◆Differential pressure is adjustable
◆Manual and automatic reset
◆Equipped with mounting bracket

Basic information

Process connection 1/4SAE male,G1/4 male,M12#1.25 male
Cable diameter 6-14mm
Tests / Admissions UL 508 (the Standard for Safety For Industrial Control Equipment)

Electrical overview

Switching load FL8ALR48A at 240VAC;FL16A/LR96A at 120VAC
Dielectric strength 1500V/one minute without breakdown

Operating conditions

Medium Refrigerant,air,water,oil
Temperature Medium:-40…+120℃[-40…248℉];Ambient:-20…+65℃[-4..149℉]
Protection standard IP20

Installantion arrangement

nstallation torque 2.5N*M
Recommendation (Factory set) Vertical, pressure connections facing downwards

Contact version(SPDT)

Dimensions in mm [in]

DIFF. Range

0.5…2bar,MAX.:17bar, 0.5…3.5bar,MAX.:17bar, 0.5…3.5bar,MAX.:33bar, 1…6bar,MAX.:17bar, 1…6bar,MAX.:33bar

Process Connection

A=1/4SAE male, B=G1/4 male, I=M12*1.25 male

ANW195D Refrigeration Pressure Switch