ANW201G CO2 Transmitter

The ANW201G series CO2 transmitter is based on the different absorption capabilities of different gases for specific wavelengths of infrared light. It measures the concentration of the measured gas by measuring the degree of infrared light absorption. Compared with electrochemical sensors,it has the characteristics of longlife and good stabiity. Suitable for indoor air quality testing, air conditioners, air purifiers, vegetable greenhouses and other occasions precision gas measurement and control.

Basic parameters

Measure concentration See logo
Accuracy 士(40ppm+3%Fs)@25℃
Product stability +2%F.S
Average current <40mA
Working temperature -10…50°C
Working humidity 0…80%RH(No condensation)
Storage temperature -20…60°C
Preheat time 2min(Available)-10min(reach the maximum accuracy)
Working Voltage 10…30VDC(0…10V output requires 16…30VDC power supply)

Dimensions in mm [in]


2000ppm, 5000ppm, 10000ppm


0…5V, 0…10V, 4…20mA, RS485/Modbus

ANW201G CO2 Transmitter