ANW211FS Electronic Liquid Flow Switch

The flow switch is based on the thermal principle, and there are two resistances in the sealed probe, one of which is heated as the probe resistance and the other is not heated as the base resistance.

When the medium flows, the amount of heat on the heating resistor is taken away, and the resistance value is changed.Two electrical resistance difference values are used as the basis for judging the flow speed, and there are no moving parts, so it is free of maintenance and convenient to install, and one type is suitable for multiple pipe diameters.


Setting range 1..150cm/s (water]
Initialization time 8S
Signal output relay(dry contact) NO+NC (SPDT)
Electrical protection reversed-phase,short
circuit,overload protection
Contact rating max AC250V,10A
No-load current normally 64.9mA
Flow indicator LED lights(6 pcs)
Setting method potentiometer setting
Proof pressure 100bar
Temperature gradient 4℃/S
Respond time 1-13S,typical values 2s
Power supply DC24V
Protection level IP67
Media temperature -20…100℃
Ambient temperature -20…80℃
Stock temperature -20…100℃
Connection M12 plug or 2 meter wire
Material Probe stainless steel, Outer shell: PBT
Weight 0.45kg
Repetition accuracy ±2% measured value



yellow, white

ANW211FS Electronic Liquid Flow Switch