ANW2332 Air Differential Presssure Switch


ANW2332 is an adjustable differential pressure switch capable of detecting miniscule changes in pressure due to the size and proven design. The switch set point or switching point can be field adjustable without the need of a manometer by simply using the adjustment knob and the built in calibrated visual scale. This switch is equipped a clear cover that not only protects the adjustment knob to be move involuntary but also provides class IP54 protection.

◆Sense the slight change of pressure,suitable for HVAC systems
◆Automatic reset function
◆Widely used in wards, laboratories, clean workshops and so on

Basic information

Pressure Difference Range 20..200-5000Pa
Process connection The inner and outer diameter of the plastic pipe can be selected
Terminal block 6.35*0.8 AMP standard flat insert
Tests / Admissions UL 60730 (the Standard for Safety For Industrial Control Equipment)

Electrical overview

Switching load 1.5A(0.4A)at 250VAC
Resistive(inductive) 0.1A at 24VDC
lnitial contact resistance <100 milliohms

Operating conditions

Medium Air,non flammable or non hazardous gases
Temperature Medium:-20…+85°C[-4…185°F];Ambient:-40…+85°C[-40…185°F]
Protection standard IP54 (with cover)

Installantion arrangement

Installation torque 0.8N*M
Recommendation (Factory set) Vertical,pressure connections facing downwards

Contact version(SPDT)

Dimensions in mm [in]


20…200Pa, 30…300Pa, 40…400Pa, 50…500Pa, 200…1000Pa, 500…2500Pa, 100…1000Pa, 1000…5000Pa, 20…300Pa, 30…500Pa, 40…600Pa, 60…600Pa, 100…1500Pa, 200…2000Pa, 500…4500Pa

ANW2332 Air Differential Presssure Switch