ANW2440 Garbage Disposal Air Switch

ANW2440 is provided with a snap action switching for higher current capacity,SPDT contact form and switch deadbands. It can be used together with air button for remote control purpose, which is widely used in foodwaste disposer pumps for swimming pools and spas,hot tubs, sanitary equipment, medical equipment etc.

◆Suitable for kitchen waste disposal, swimming pools, hot springs, cleaning equipment, etc

◆Use as remote control device that works in conjunction with pneumatic buttons
◆Only for indoor use

Basic information

Gas tightness Under 50psi pressure,no leakage phenomenon
Pressure range <130mbar(180psi)
Switching load 12A at 125VAC
Dielectric strength 1500V
Temperature Ambient:-10…+50℃[14…122℉]
Air tube Air tube length optional
Tests / Admissions UL 60730(the Standard for Safety For Industrial Control Equipment)

Dimensions in mm [in]


Black, Bronze, Gold

ANW2440 Garbage Disposal Air Switch