ANW2610W Temperature Transmitter

The ANW2610W series temperature transmitter is a sensor specially designed for industrial applications . It is specially designed for lightning surge,electrostatic discharge,group pulse,pressure resistance,etc., and has strong anti-interference ability . There are five installation methods :wall mounted, air pipe/water pipesplit , and clamp . Three output modes of current voltage, and thermal resistance are optional.Strong on-site trial installation capability . Spring screws and terminal posts are designed for quick installation.It can be widely used in computer rooms , HVAC, buildings, storage and other places where temperature measurement and control are required.

◆Up to 5 mounting and output options available
◆New industrial look quick-fit design for fast installation and deployment

◆Imported Heraeus Class A sensors, high accuracy, fast response, low temperature drift

◆Excellent anti-interference ability and protection function,IP65

Basic parameters

Sensor High precision thermal resistor,see selection table(resistance output type)/PT1000,A(analog output type)
Output Resistance value,see selection table and thermal resistance index table/4…20mA or 0…10VDC,0…5VDC
Thermal resistance Output:RS485/Modbus,0…10VDC,4…20mA optiona
Accuracy Typical 0.2…0.5°C @0/25°C as the selection table/+0.3°C@25°C,as the accuracy graph
Power supply Voltage type/485 type 15…35VDC/24VAC+20%Current type18.5…35VDC(RL=500Ω)/8.5…35VDC(RL=0Ω)
Output load (Analog output type): ≤500 (current type)≥2KΩ(0…5V),>3KΩ(0…10v)
Housing materia PC casing, stainless steel probe(φ 6mm) and casing
Work environment -40…70°C,0…95%RH(non condensing)
IP grade IP65

Dimensions in mm [in]


1=Wall mounted type, 2=Duct type, 3=Water pipe type, 4=Split type, 5=Clamp type

Temperature Output

V10=0…10VDC(3 cables), A4=4…20mA(2 cables), V5=0…5VDC(3 cables), 0=PT1000,+0.2°C@0℃, 1=PT100,土0.2°C@0℃, 2=NTC20K,±0.3°C@25°C, 6=NTC10K,+0.3C@25°C

Temperature Range

0=None, 1=0..50°C, 2=-20…60°C, 8=0ther[customized)

ANW2610W Temperature Transmitter