ANW2710H Temperature Humidity Transmitter

The ANW2710H series temperature humidity transmitter is a sensor specially designed for industrial applications. It is specially designed for lightning surge,electrostatic discharge ,group pulse,pressure resistance, etc., and has strong anti – interference ability . There are five installation methods : wall mounted ,duct/water pipesplit , and clamp . Three output modes of current.voltage ,and thermal resistance are optional. Strong on-site trial installation capability .Spring screws and terminal posts are designed for quick installation. It can be widely used in computer rooms,HVAC,buildings storage and other places where temperature and humidity measurement and control are required.

◆New industrial appearance quick installation design, suitable for rapid installation and deployment

◆Imported sensors, high precision, fast response, good long-term stability

◆Large LCD backlight, dual temperature and humidity display, flexible installation and output options

◆Excellent anti-interference ability and protection function, IP65

Basic parameters

1)Relative humidity

Sensor Digital
Range 0%…100%RH
Output RS485/Modbus,0…10VDC,4…20mA optional
Accuracy +3%@ 20°C&20…80%RH
Respond speed 10s(25°C Slow flow air]


Sensor Digital or thermal resistor, see selection table
Range 0…50°C,-20…60°C etc
Output 4…20mA,0…10VDC,RS485/Modbus optional
Thermal resistance See Selection Table and Thermal Resistance Index Table
Accuracy Digital sensor:+0.3C@l0…0C]Thermal resistance:typical+0.2…0.4C@25Csee selection table
Power supply Voltage type/485 type15..35VDC/24VAC20%Current type18.5..35VDC(RL=500Q)/8.5…35VDC(RL=0Q)
Output load <500Q(current type],>2Q[voltage type]
Display Optional LCD display, with unit display and backlight(4…20mA without backlight)
Housing material PC casing, PC probe, and polymer filter(Optional stainlesssteel probe and stainless steelsintered filter)
Work environment 20…60°C5%…95%RH(Non condensing)
IP grade P65

Dimensions in mm [in]



1=Wall mounted type, 2=Duct type, 3=Split type

Accuracy Range

2=±2%RH(0.3°C), 3=±3%RH(0.3°C)

Humidity Output

V10=0…10VDC(3 wire), A4=4…20mA(2 wire), RS=RS485/Modbus

Temperature Output

V10=0…10VDC(three cables), A4=4…20mA(two cables), RS=RS485/Modbus, 0=PT1000,+0.2°C@0°C, 1=PT100,土0.2°C@0°C, 2=NTC20K,+0.4°C@25°C, 6=NTC10K,+0.4°C@25°C

Temperature Range

0=None, 1=0…50°C, 2=-20…60°C, 8=0thers(customized)

ANW2710H Temperature Humidity Transmitter