ANW2800T Pressure Transmitter

ANW2800T pressure transmitter is widely used in the measurement of fuid medium pressure in test systems such as fire protection, water treatment, water supply systems, air compressors, and pneumatic device and factory automation. lt has excellent anti-corrosion and anti-wear performance, adopts ASIC technology, MEMS technology, digital compensation, and can be applied in various complex environment.

Basic parameters

Measurement Range -100kPa…0-10kPa…60MPa
Overload pressure 1,5 times of the rated pressure
Accuracy ±1.0%F.S(-100kPa…0-1kPa…2kPa…60MPa)
Stability <0.5%F. S/year
Working Temp -20-85℃
Storage Temp -40-100℃
Measured Medium Gas or liquid compatible with 304 and 316L stainless steel, Fluorine rubber or Nitrile rubber
Electrical Connection DIN43650A(Big Hirschmann),M12 waterproof outlet,GX12 aviation connector(three-core /four-core),M12 four-core aviation connector
Enclosure Protection IP54、IP65
Pressure Connection G1/4、NPT1/4、R1/4、G1/2、7/16-20UNF、M20*1.5、M10*1、M14*1.5etc
Pressure Form Gauge Pressure G/Absolute Pressure A
Electrical Properties 2-wired(current) 3-wired(voltage) 4-wired
Output Signal 4~20mA 0.5~4.5V 0~5V 0~10V RS485
Power Supply 8~36VDC 4.75~5.25VDC 8~36VDC 12~36VDC 10~30VDC

Dimensions in mm [in]


Output Mode

A4 =4-20mA( 2-wired), V05=0.5-4.5V(3-wired), V0=0-5V(3-wired), V10=0-10V(3-wired), RS=RS-485(4-wired)


kPa, psi, MPa, Bar


0.25= 0.25%F.S, 0.5 =0.5F.S, 1.0= 1.0%F.S

Electrical Connection

D1=DIN43650A(Big Hirschmann), M=M12(M12 waterproof outlet), C3=GX12 Three-core aviation connector, C4= GX12 Four-core aviation connector, H =M12 Four-core aviation connector

Pressure Connection

G=G1/4, G2=G1/2, N=NPT1/4, M=M20*1.5, R=R1/4, U=7/16-20UNF external screw, B=BSP1/4

Cable Length

1m, 2m, 3m

ANW2800T Pressure Transmitter