ANW2852M Differential pressure Transmitter

ANW2852M differential pressure transmitter is the latest release. lt has flexibility of multi-range sensor, high function of single range sensor, and is ideal for industrial application. The differential pressure transmitter has built in multiple optional pressure range and unit selection, and is easily to adjust through built-in DIP switch. The shell protect is IP65 and equipped with stainless steel conduit for convenient wire arrangement. lt is widely used in HVAC energy management system, VAV and fan control,clean room pressure, smoke hood control, oven  pressurization, furnace ventilation, furnace ventilation control etc.

◆New industrial appearance quick installation design, suitable for rapid installation and deployment

◆Imported sensors, high precision, fast response, good long-term stability

◆Large LCD backlight, multiple installation and output modes are optional

◆Excellent anti-interference ability and protection function,IP65

Basic parameters

Medium Air or neutral gas
Range 士100Pa,士1000Pa,士10000Pa
Overpressure 5kPa(526);10kPa(520);80kPa(522)
Connection Metal barb connection,φ6.2mm
Accuracy 士1%F.S
Operation temperature -20…70°C
Compensated temperature -10…60°C
Storage temperature -40…70°C
Response time 0.5s(Default)/1.0s/2s/4s
IP grade IP65
Power ≤1.5W
Pressure unit Pa,kPa,mmH20,mbar,mmHG,inH20
Output signa 0-10V&4-20mA 0-5/10V 4-20mA RS485
Power supply 12-30VDC/24VAC+20% 12-30VDC(Non-polar) 9-30VDC
Shell material UL94-V0/PC
Communication RS-485 standard interface,Modbus RTU protocol
EMC EN61326-1
Display LCD backlight digital display

Dimensions in mm [in]


6=-100…100Pa, 0=-1000…1000Pa, 2=-10000…10000Pa


0=No display, 1= With display


A=4…20mA/0…10VDC(sync outpu), B=4…20mA(Two-wire](No backlight), C=0…10VDC(Three-wine), D=0…5VDC(Three-wire), F-RS-485, E1=RS-485(Isolation)

ANW2852M Differential pressure Transmitter