ANW9715 Air Compressor Pressure Switch


ANW9715 series pressure switches, this product is used for adjusting the pressure which in the compressor tank to operate between two preset pressure values. The pressure switch with an unloading valve prevents the air compressor from overloading and the handle is supposed to manually power off the compressor. The four way base connection makes the installation of additional parts more convenient.

◆Adjust pressure in the air compressor tank

◆Choose to have a relief valve function to avoid compressor overload starting

◆The four ports connector facilitates the installation of components such as safety valves

◆The attached handle can cut off the compressor power manually

Basic information

Pressure range 95..125-200psi
Contact version SPST
Process connection Single port/Female thread,Four ports/Female thread,Single port/male thread,Double female and male thread NPT1/4,R1/4,G1/4(can be customized)
Tests / Admissions CSA(Comply with security and electromagnetic compatibility)

Electrical overview

Switching load 26Aat 120VAC,50HZ
20A at 240VAC,60HZ
Dielectric strength No breakdown at 2500V for 1 minute

Operating conditions

Medium Air,non-flammable,non-hazardous and non-corrosive gas
Temperature Ambient:-20…+80℃[-4…176℉]
Unloading valve connection φ6.0 mm,φ6.4 mm,φ6.5 mm,can be customized
Protection standard P20

Dimensions in mm [in]


95…125, 100…135, 120…150, 145…175, 150…200

Interface Type

1l= Single port/Female thread, 4l=Four ports/Female thread, 10=Single port/Male thread, 210=Double female and male thread


K=NPT1/4, L=R1/4, M=G1/4

ANW9715 Air Compressor Pressure Switch