ANWBV Refrigeration Ball Valves

The ANWBV ball valve is a manually adjusted Shut-offvalve, suitable for two-way flow, used in the liquid,suction and hot vapor pipelines of freezer, refrigeration and air conditioning devices. The valve seat of Model ANWBV ball valve is well sealed with perfect sealing technology. This ball valve is straight through type, is capable to provide maximum flow, at same time the valve has a wide operating temperature range, the ball valve is equipped with a sealing cap with secondary sealing function.


Applicable Refrigerant HCFC or HFC(Customer choice)
Applicable Medium Temperature -40…+120°C
Max.Working Pressure 4.5MPa
Max.Compression Pressure 6.5MPa
Yearly Leakage of Refrigerant ≤2g R22/a

Dimensions in mm [in]


L, M

ANWBV Refrigeration Ball Valves