ANWSG Sight Glass

Both Model ANWSG sight glass is used on the liquid piping of the refrigeration and air conditioning unit to indicate the flow condition of the refrigerant, water cut of the refrigerant and lubricant oil flow condition of the oil return piping on the oil separator .Model ANWSG sight glass and is equipped with one moisture indicator ; which will change color to indicate the water cut in the refrigerant .Model ANWSG sight glass is used to indicate the level of the refrigerant in the liquid drum and the lubricant oil level in the compressor crankcase .The modified PTFE sealing is used in both Model LFSG sight glass and Model ANWSG sight glass ,which is applicable to various refrigerants and oils with perfect sealing performance. The structure of both Model ANWSG sight glass and Model ANWSG sight glass is an explosion-proof press fit and the viewing glass is clear and safety.


Applicable Refrigerant HCFC or HFC(Customer choice)
Applicable Medium Temperature -40…+80°C
Max.Working Pressure 4.5MPa
Max.Compression Pressure 6.8MPa
Yearly Leakage of Refrigerant ≤2g R22/a

Dimensions in mm [in]

Modelof Welded Connection

1/4(φ6), 3/8(φ10), 1/2(φ12), 5/8(φ16), 3/4(φ19), 718(φ22), 1 1/8(φ28), 1/4 SAE, 3/8 SAE, 1/2 SAE, 5/8 SAE, 3/4 SAE, 3/4NPT, G3/4

ANWSG Sight Glass