ANWSV-D Solenoid Valve

Model ANWSV-D solenoid valve is a one-step on/off or two-step on/off solenoid valve, which is applicable to one-way flow.

Model ANWSV-D solenoid valve is used on the piping of liguid, suction gas or hot air on the freezing, cold storage and airconditionerunits.
The valve seat and seals of Model ANWSV-D solenoid valve have excellent sealing performance.

The coil of varies voltaaes is avaliable for Model ANWSV-D solenoid valve with a universal valve body.

Model ANWSV-D solenoid valve could be supplied in assembly or in separate components,that is, the valve body and the coil could be supplied separately.


◆The proprietary coil is an entirely sealed design with an effective waterproof performance and a long service life(IP65).

◆The solenoidcoil could be operated properly even under unstable voltage.

◆Various AC and DC solenoid coils are available for choice.

◆Clip type solenoid coil is convenlent in assembly and disassembly.
◆it is applicable to various compressors in the refrigertion,cold storage and air conditioning facilities.

Basic information

Applicable Refrigerants HCFC、HFC and related medium viscosity <2°E lubricant oil
Applicable Medium Temperature -30C…+105°C
Application AmbientTemperature of Solenoid -40°C…+65°C
Standard Voltage of Solenoid AC380V、220V、110V、24V/50、60Hz、DC12V
Allowable Voltage Fluctuation for Solenoid +10%…-15%
Connection of Solenoid Standard 3-wireinsert connector

Black, Bronze

ANWSV-D Solenoid Valve