ANWZ Rotary Actuator

  • For operation of air control dampers in HVAC and all kinds of machine system
  • Torque:8Nm;16Nm;25Nm
  • Nominal voltage: AC100…240V
  • Control: On/Off /2-Point/3-Point


Basic information

Electric data Nominal Voltage AC100…240V; 50/60Hz
Nominal Voltage range AC85…265V
Power consumption 4.5W@Nominal torque/0.7@Holding
Wire sizing 0.5 mm2
Terminal Specification Max.2.0mm2
Direction of rotation Selectable by switch
Manual override Gearing latch disengaged by push button, self-resetting
Angle of rotation Max.95°
Position indication Mechanical
Working conditions Protection class Ⅱ (totally insulated)
Protection degree IP54
Ambient temperature -20…+50℃
Inventory temperature -30…+80℃
Humidity test 95%RH, non condensing/EN 60730-1
Dimension/Weight Dimensions See “Dimensions”
Shaft length ≥50mm
Shaft diameter ○10…20mm   10X10…□16X16
Weight 1.3Kg

Dimensions in mm [in]


8Nm, 16Nm, 24Nm

Running time(95°)

8S, 16S, 20S

ANWZ Rotary Actuator