ANWZ-DQ Electrical Regulating Ball Valve

◆Multiple flow KV options are available for the same caliber valve body

◆Long life design, PTFE graphite reinforced body seal

◆Double EPDM stem seal ring

◆Built-in integrated valve plate, not afraid of reverse pressure difference,high closing force

◆Equal percentage flow characteristic

◆All actuators have manual function

◆Switch control, floating point control, proportional control

Working pressure 2.0MPa/1.6MPa
Cut-out pressure 1.36MPa
Max. operating DIFF. 0.35MPa
Max. quiet operating DIFF. 0.25MPa
Medium Cold, hot water, glycol solution with a max.concentration of 50%
Medium temperature -5~95
Model(Ball valve diameter/Torque/Running time)

DN15、DN20/4Nm/25S, DN25、DN32/16Nm/30S, DN40、DN50/8Nm/30…45S, DN65、DN80/16Nm/30…55S, DN100、DN125/24Nm/120…160S, DN150/32Nm/160S~200S

ANWZ-DQ Electrical Regulating Ball Valve