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Pressure control specialist

About Anwoll

the mission

who we are

ANWOLL Corporation was founded in Houston, Texas, USA. We focus on the development and production of pressure precision control products, and gradually expand from pressure switch products to the field of transmitters, R&D and production of refrigeration accessories. Business is also from the United States to the world, inviting the intention of equipment manufacturers to agent our products, common service local customers.

Overview And Experience

ANWOLL has a professional testing pressure laboratory, which can test product life, material elastic coefficient and so on.

Testing and technical support

Anwoll’s engineering team has more than 10 years of experience in pressure product development, and can provide you with non-ANWOLl pressure product precision inspection and technical support. We look forward to your cooperation.



Global contract specification

Anwoll adheres to the local business code and requires Anwoll employees and agents to work in accordance with Anwoll’s Code of conduct.

Integrity and non-acceptance of bribes are the cornerstones of modern business. If you find non-compliance in your work with Anwoll, please contact us. Jointly establish a fair and just cooperation platform.