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Safe and Reliable Product Series

Pressure switch, as a device combined with an electrical switch, when the fluid pressure reaches a pre-set value, the switch contact will operate. This function makes the pressure switch play a vital role in the power plant, petrochemical, metallurgy and other industrial fields, can prevent the damage of important devices in the production project, to avoid the occurrence of major production accidents.

A transmitter is a device that converts input variables (such as pressure, temperature, flow, level, etc.) into a standard output signal (usually an electrical signal). This conversion enables the input of physical quantities to be displayed, recorded or further data processing, and is an integral part of industrial automation systems.

The actuator is a combination of the actuator and the control valve in the automatic control system, whose role is to accept the signal from the regulator or the computer (DCS, PLC, etc.), and adjust the flow of the process medium according to the position and characteristics of the process pipeline, so as to control the automatic instrument within the range required by the production process.

Refrigeration accessories are an indispensable part of refrigeration equipment, including compressors, evaporators, condensers, throttle valves, filters, etc. Together, these parts form the core components of the refrigeration system to ensure the normal operation of the refrigeration equipment.


The main applications are HVAC pipe and liquid pipe actuators. Including ball valve actuators, butterfly valve actuators and other products.

pressure switch

Cover differential pressure switch, pressure switch, temperature control switch, pressure gauge and other pressure series.


Covering temperature and humidity, pressure, wind speed and other transmitter series.