About us

Our story

About us

Our team is what we value the most

With great people, modern and cool products emerge.

Employees are ANWOLL’s greatest value. ANWOLL adheres to the principle that employees share the interests of the enterprise and realize the recognition and harmonious development of the enterprise. Therefore, ANWOLL employees whenever and wherever, ANWOLL is their biggest reliance. ANWOLL believes that employees will bring our ideas to our partners, and practice the way of sharing benefits and harmonious development.

Simplicity carried to an extreme becomes elegance

our story

How it all started

ANWOLL started in Texas, USA, from the production of minimal mechanical pressure switches, and stepped into the sensing data industry. At present, the sensor layout has been completed, and we will focus on the development and market expansion of actuators. At present, the business has been all over the world, thank you for your support.

About the founder

ANWOLL’s success is due to the people who accompany us. I believe that the happiness of our employees will give our products life and be pleasant. Our customers will also feel ANWOLL’s happiness. We hope that customers around the world will always trust ANWOLL and believe that our employees can bring you happiness.