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ANWOLL protects the privacy of every customer, and we believe that purchase information belongs to the customer.

Support Specialist

For questions or technical support, please contact our service email, we will communicate with you in time.

Seller Standards

ANWOLL products are sold in strict accordance with international business standards, and employees are strictly prohibited from signing relevant agreements with customers in the name of others. Please check your ANWOLL account in case of fraud.


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Of course, we will make samples according to your requirements and confirm with you.

We guarantee delivery within 10 days. The delivery time is based on your country’s actual logistics time, and we will keep following up.

When the order quantity is large, we will give you a discount.

One-year shelf life。

ANWOLL is equipped with professional technical personnel to provide professional guidance and advice for your selection and use. You can reach andy@anwoll.com.

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