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Our environmental detection transmitters and differential pressure series enable our systems to detect and respond to changes in the surrounding environment,

which can help customers improve the efficiency of their equipment.

HVAC product series

ANWOLL HVAC series products have transmitter series: pressure transmitter, temperature and humidity transmitter, carbon monoxide transmitter, carbon dioxide transmitter and so on. Differential pressure series: differential pressure meter, differential pressure transmitter, micro differential pressure switch, etc. Actuator: spring return actuator, ball valve actuator, quick actuator, etc.

HVAC anwoll products series


hvac transmitter

A variety of transmitter series

We provide temperature and humidity, pressure, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, wind speed and other transmitters.

HVAC differential pressure switch

Differential pressure gauges and differential pressure switches

The mechanical chain-less differential pressure gauge is responsive and frictionless. Mechanical differential pressure switch has been widely used in various fields, has brought considerable benefits to customers.

ANWZ-T Spring Reset Damper Actuator

HVAC Actuator Series

ANWOLL has a variety of HVAC actuators, spring return series, ball valve series, fast action series and other products.