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Classification, characteristics and application of pressure switches


Pressure switch is a simple pressure control device, when the measured pressure reaches the rated value, the pressure switch can issue an alarm or control signal.

Classification of pressure switches
Pressure switch according to the sensing element can be divided into: coil spring tube pressure switch, diaphragm pressure switch, diaphragm box pressure switch and bellows pressure switch.

Pressure switches can be divided into mechanical and electronic intelligent pressure switches according to their properties.

The pressure switch can be divided into adjustable pressure switch and non-adjustable pressure switch according to the set value.

Pressure switch according to the application can be divided into: general pressure switch, small pressure switch, intelligent pressure switch, explosion-proof pressure switch, Marine pressure switch, differential pressure switch, etc.

Characteristics of pressure switch
The main categories of pressure switches include normally open and normally closed. The main features are:

1. Adopts British pipe thread quick joint or copper pipe welding installation structure, flexible installation, easy to use, no special installation fixed.

2. The chip wire connection can be selected by the user at will.

3. Sealed stainless steel sensor is safe and reliable.

4. The pressure range can be manufactured according to the pressure value selected by the user.

Pressure switch main application areas:
Mainly used for high and low pressure protection control of household, commercial and automobile refrigeration systems, steam conditions and power stations; Accumulator, receiver, flash tank, separator, scrubber, oil refining unit. It can also be used for high and low pressure protection control of various equipment tools.

The pressure switch used in the air compressor is mainly to adjust the start and stop state of the air compressor, and let the air compressor stop and rest by adjusting the pressure in the air storage tank, which has a maintenance effect on the machine. When commissioning the air compressor factory, adjust to the specified pressure according to customer needs, and then set a pressure difference.

For example, the compressor starts, pumped to the air storage tank, when the pressure is 10kg, the air compressor stops or is unloaded, when the pressure is 7kg, the air compressor starts again, there is a pressure difference, this process can allow the compressor to rest and achieve the role of protecting the air compressor. The compressor is directly driven by the motor, which makes the crankshaft rotate, drives the connecting rod to make the piston reciprocate, and causes the cylinder volume to change.

Due to the change of pressure in the cylinder, the air enters the cylinder through the air filter (muffler) through the intake valve. In the compression stroke, due to the reduction of the cylinder volume, the compressed air passes through the action of the exhaust valve, and the mass flow meter enters the gas storage tank through the exhaust pipe and the check valve (check valve). When the exhaust pressure reaches the rated pressure of 0.7MPa, it is controlled by the pressure switch and automatically stops.

When the pressure of the gas storage tank drops to 0.5-0.6mpa, the pressure switch is automatically connected and started.

Pressure switch installation precautions
1. The control pressure setting value is best selected between 20% and 80% of the adjustment range.

2. When the medium temperature is too high, a spiral cooling tube can be added before the pressure interface.

3. Instrument installation is convenient, wall installation, pipe installation can work normally. If installed outdoors, the necessary protection should be given.

4. Need professional maintenance, like rubber gasket aging should be replaced in time. There are also some pressure switch failures and maintenance


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