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The spring action analysis of pressure switch


First, the principle and structure of pressure switch
Pressure switch is a kind of automatic control switch that uses the force of gas or liquid pressure to control the on-off of electrical appliances, which is widely used in machinery, metallurgy, chemical industry, mining and other fields. Under normal circumstances, the pressure switch is composed of a control head, a control chamber housing, a control head spring, a control product, and a control rod mouth.
The principle and structure of the pressure switch are shown in the figure:
Control head: Controls the movement of the gas or liquid path.
Control room housing: Protects the control head and control elements from the environment.
Control head spring: By controlling the head spring to adjust the cutting pressure and connecting pressure.
Control goods: as the control element of the pressure switch to bear the control circuit of the on-off electrical apparatus.
Control rod nozzle: Control the pressure signal by mechanical conversion.
Second, the role of the pressure switch spring
The two springs in the pressure switch are the control head spring and the reset spring. They each play a different role.
1. Control head spring
The control head spring can control the cutting pressure and the connecting pressure to achieve the purpose of controlling the on-off electrical device of the switch. When the control head spring receives the original signal from the pressure, if the signal exceeds the set value, the spring will bend and push the rod nozzle to move, thus making the appliance open and shut.
2. Reset spring
The return spring plays a role in restoring the original state. Under normal circumstances, after the control head spring cuts off the pressure, the control head spring begins to work, pushing the contact piece to the reset position, and forming a closed state with the control head spring, so as to form an on-off electrical device.
Three, how to adjust the pressure switch
In order to ensure the normal operation of the pressure switch, we need to adjust it properly. The specific methods are as follows:
1, do not use heavy objects to hit the pressure switch, in order to prevent damage to the components.
2. Unscrew the cover of the pressure switch and cut off the power supply before adjusting the spring.
3, pay attention to the adjustment of the spring should be based on a small adjustment amount, so as to avoid excessive deviation.
4, the adjustment of the reset spring should be paid attention to, because the tightness of the control head spring has an impact on the stability of the cutting pressure and the connected pressure.
To sum up, the spring in the pressure switch plays a key control role, but the adjustment of the spring needs to be careful. Only by adjusting the spring reasonably can we ensure the normal operation of the pressure switch and achieve the proper automatic control effect.


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