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What is a refrigeration exhibition?


Refrigeration Exhibition is a professional international exhibition in the fields of refrigeration, air conditioning, HVAC, and related industries. It covers multiple fields such as refrigeration, air conditioning, HVAC, and ventilation, and is one of the most influential professional exhibitions in the industry.

The main industries participating in the refrigeration exhibition include:
1. Refrigeration equipment manufacturers: manufacturers of refrigeration core components such as compressors, condensers, evaporators, refrigerants, etc.
2. Air conditioning equipment manufacturers: manufacturers of household, commercial, and industrial air conditioning equipment.
3. Refrigeration system integrator: an enterprise that provides customers with overall refrigeration system solutions.
4. Refrigeration material and accessory suppliers: including insulation materials, fittings, valves, etc.
5. Refrigeration technology service provider: an enterprise that provides services such as refrigeration system design, installation, and maintenance.
6. Related industry associations and research institutions.
Generally speaking, the companies participating in refrigeration exhibitions are well-known brands and leading enterprises in the industry. They showcase the latest products and technologies through exhibitions, seek potential customers, and expand the market.

For participating companies, the following preparations need to be made:
1. Booth design and layout: Highlight the corporate image and plan the display of exhibits reasonably.
2. Exhibition selection and preparation: Carefully select representative products and prepare detailed promotional materials.
3. On site service team: Arrange experienced sales and technical personnel to provide high-quality service.
4. Marketing activities: Carry out online promotion in advance and organize new product releases on site.
5. Customer maintenance plan: Emphasize communication and exchange with existing customers to enhance cooperative relationships.

As a well-known pressure switch and sensor supplier in the refrigeration industry, Anwoll fully participated in this Thailand Refrigeration Exhibition.
Anwoll Company focuses on the research and production of high-precision pressure switches and sensor products. With outstanding product performance and high-quality service, Anwoll has become one of the leading brands in the industry.

At this refrigeration exhibition, Anwoll will showcase its latest star products such as high-temperature resistant pressure switches and high-precision pressure sensors, fully showcasing the company’s technical strength to the audience. At the same time, Anwoll will also arrange a professional sales and technical team to provide customers with thoughtful on-site services and strengthen communication and interaction with customers.
By participating in this refrigeration exhibition, Anwoll will further enhance its brand influence in the industry, expand more high-quality customer resources, and inject new impetus into the company’s future development.


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