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Industry analysis on pressure switches

Pressure switches are important components widely used in industrial and commercial applications, which can detect and control pressure changes and play a critical role in various equipment and systems. In recent years, this industry has been influenced by many factors and has shown some noteworthy development trends. The market size is steadily growingAccording to industry […]

Classification, characteristics and application of pressure switches

Pressure switch is a simple pressure control device, when the measured pressure reaches the rated value, the pressure switch can issue an alarm or control signal. Classification of pressure switchesPressure switch according to the sensing element can be divided into: coil spring tube pressure switch, diaphragm pressure switch, diaphragm box pressure switch and bellows pressure […]


The main applications are HVAC pipe and liquid pipe actuators. Including ball valve actuators, butterfly valve actuators and other products.

pressure switch

Cover differential pressure switch, pressure switch, temperature control switch, pressure gauge and other pressure series.


Covering temperature and humidity, pressure, wind speed and other transmitter series.